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Hi Ash,

Picked up my "T type ADM9.1s " today, god that felt good!, from John Tuesday evening.


I sincerely don't have the words to tangibly express what these speakers mean to me, I am absolutely speechless! But I will try!

I went to the Hi-Fi show at Whittlebury Hall and  the best set up I heard was some focal Electra 1038be with a 150w pure class a musical fidelity power amp and pre. Easily over 10 grand, I can say that ADM9.1s compare easily to the former. 

Needles to say I feel like a man who has just taken a hundred viagra and landed in the playboy mansion!
Happy times!

I am a singer songwriter and I try my best to produce and (Master, I use this term lightly) my own songs. I tried to explain to a fellow audiophile , that the vast majority of Hi-Fi speakers have rose tinted glasses, he was extremely offended at the notion! lol

His response was "So your saying that everybody has got it wrong and Avi have got it right!".
Fortunately for me as an electronic engineer by trade i am aware of the cost of components???

And so i said "YES" most people are being conned Avi is one of the few companies that give it to you straight, and don't charge you an arm and a leg an eyeball and anything else they can squeeze out of you!

He heard them today!

You now the Cheshire cat out of Alice in wonderland!............ Yup that's right!........... He out grinned the cat. I've known him for over 30 years and iv'e never seen him grin like that! Ever!

Even my wife was grinning!

Best Regards

Mark Hunstone

What can be said about the product?  Awesome!  The sound quality is superb,  and incomparably superior to any other systems that I have heard - past or present. I shall never cease to be amazed at how two such tiny cabinets can come so close to transforming the living room into the concert hall.


Hi all. I'm Mark and I have recently purchased some ADM9.1s and am just 'getting to know them'. When I first tried them, I was pleasantly surprised with the bass (and in particular the tightness and accuracy of the sound). The bass is there but it is very clean and undistorted and what's really missing is the 'bloom' and 'warmth' that some passive speakers have that fool us into thinking there's more 'weight'. The 9.1s are pretty similar in character to some old but very good electrostatic headphones that I use. On first listen, they may sound a bit light, but in reality the bass is all there but it's undistorted. This means that you can follow the bass lines with more precision without individual notes blending into each which in turn can blur the bass line and make it seem louder or even deeper. But it's not accurate. What I have found with the 9.1s is that poorly recorded or compressed music (ie most pop these days) is exposed for what it is. Conversely, something that has been well-recorded (and many blues, jazz, classical and lighter types of music fit into this category) sounds very very good through the 9.1s. But if you do listen mostly to energetic synthesized music that really does plumb down to some 20Hz, well yes, of course you need a sub. In terms of value, you are getting some good speakers, pre and power amps as well as a decent DAC which (like for like) would cost far more than the cost of the 9.1s if you purchased separates. Factor in that your room will not be as cluttered, (less cables etc...) and suddenly the whole idea starts to make complete sense.

The hi-fi the ADMs are replacing is a fairly decent set-up by most standards : Cyrus XT-SE transport, Cyrus DAC-X DAC, Roksan Caspian pre and mono-block power amps and Monitor Audio PL100 loudspeakers. However, plugging in the ADM9.1s, via the supplied cheap looking optical cable, into my SqueezeBox receiver was a revelation, bass control and detail is in another league.  Also, somehow although they go very loud, they sound really good when listening at low volumes, I'm not sure how that works.  These speakers sound like no other speakers I've heard,  in fact, the closest sound I've heard is my headphone setup (Sennheiser HD650, Graham Slee Solo headphone amp).  They really are that good!

One question I have I thought you might have a view on...  Reading hi-fi magazines you would think passive speakers are the be all and end all of speaker design.  Having listened to the ADMs I don't understand why your products aren't all over the mags and why everyone hasn't gone down this route!  These speakers could have saved me a lot of money if you'd made them years ago!

Thanks again for an amazing product!  Rob.

After listening to the speakers for 3 days, I wanted to give some feedback. I should say I am amazed with the sound quality. Despite the taxes in Turkey, I believe this quality is still a very good value for the money, given the system includes an analog input and a DAC. With the DAC, I have the chance to listen to numerous digital sources with superior quality, still having an analog source available.

Thanks again first for your great work on producing these amazing speakers, second for going through all the hassle for the ATR, etc. I take this chance to wish you and your colleagues a very happy 2010.

Gökhan Altun (Turkey)

Successfully delivered, thanks for the great service. Got them connected to the Squeezebox - every bit as brilliant as I'd hoped. The opening of Brahms' 1st piano concerto never sounded so good. My wife's not a huge music fan but when I put on her favourite Jack Johnson track her eyebrows hit the ceiling and she gave me a list of new music to buy - result!

Congratulations on a great product and having the vision and bravery to go for it - good luck with it - I will be trying to convert my friends.


Speakers here. Got them set up and am playing through the Mac Mini at the moment, experimenting with placement. Plenty of bass but the are in a small bay window so quite close to the back and side walls. I was very impressed with the packaging. Very clear sound and I have noticed that we are playing them a lot louder cos they don't distort.

Have now watched a film on the Blue-ray player, listened to telly via the sky box and several albums. I can see the surround sound going as well (but my daughter wants that so I dont recoup any money!)

Played them a lot last night and again today. Listening to Spotify and the quality is amazing! I certainly can tell any difference and from what I remember the free service is at 160kps. Have had a listen to Radio Bartok as well. Listening to something like the Webb Sisters singing Leonard Cohen's "if it be your will" streaming makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up - wonderful.

Think I might be brave enough to take off the protective film now as don't think I will be moving them again. Mind you that is bound to release the sound and make them much more musical :-) as it must be effecting the sound something awful - sorry that most probably just applies to Naim stuff!


Just a quickie - I'll write more when I have time. Right now I can't stop listening to music....
I recently took delivery of a pair of ADM9.1 speakers and the sub.
I am a professional musician. I've played principal horn with nearly every orchestra in the country and recorded stacks of music of ALL kinds over the years. When it comes to hi-fi I believe my ears. I don't take any notice the opinions of others. I know what sounds good. I know what sounds "right".
If you are undecided about the ADM9.1 system, then please allow me to persuade you. It's quite simply the most wonderful setup I've ever heard. It's better than anything they have at EMI in Studio 1. They use B&W.
It's better than any of my valve amps, and Harbeth speakers. It's even rather better than listening in a concert hall. Most concert halls have pretty lousy sound, in actual fact. Modern acoustic recordings, if they are done well, usually improve things.
It's as close to perfection as I can imagine. What I hear is totally incongrous with the appearance of two little black boxes on metal plinths. I can't believe what I'm seeing/hearing.
I am slowly listening through all my favourite recordings So far there has not been one so far which has failed to amaze me.
And to further the optical analogy: it's like suddenly finding a pair of perfect specs and seeing the world clearly for the first time.
No exaggeration.
I need to wash, eat, move around a bit - but I can't tear myself away from these boxes.... If you don't hear from me again I will have blissfully wasted away....

These speakers are way ahead of anything Iíve ever heard, and I simply love them - in fact, I had no idea music could sound like this. There just so polite, and truthfulness just means no bells and whistles which is what I hated with everything else. Thereís no more sitting there wishing it sounded a bit more this and a bit less that - Iíve come home.
I bet you canít wait for that next show, and you get these little babies out and blow everything else out of the water for a grand.

These little monitors are perfect in conception and wonderfully engineered.
I can listen to them all day without any sense of fatigue. They give the lie to the common misconception that 'high end hi-fi' should ever add something to the music that was missing in the original recording. Surely a monitor should enable you to hear what is wrong with the recording process as well as all that is good about it, however you perceive it.
That is precisely what happens here and if, like me, you like to hear everything that makes the music sound live, with all the pops, scratches, slaps and natural acoustics that implies, then don't ever expect to find better.
Finally, a system I can keep indefinitely. 
The original sound - not the closest approach to it.

I have only briefly used the ADM9s but inital impressions are amazing. I have connected my budget Nad CD player to the analogue stage using £1.99 phone leads and can't believe the level of performance. It took me about 5 mins to acclimatise to the way they do things but once things came into focus there was no going back. I cant help feeling smug at the thought of others going out and spending thousands of £s on multiple large boxes and not giving something like this a chance..
For the price and size these truly are a revelation.
I am always a bit sceptical when somebody praises their own efforts, but every thing you have said and written about these speakers seems to be true. I have been playing around with audiophile equipment since I was 14 and now feel that i have reached my journeys end. Anything else just seems completely unneccessary unless you have too much disposable time and cash. I am really looking forward to spending a bit more time with these speakers.

The ADM9s are just wonderful. I am enjoying my music more than for years, and as you had predicted, the sound at even lower download rates is superb - certainly better than I ever got from my N**m system. I have settled on 256 kbps, and that works fine for me (and my wife, who is enjoying the system almost as much as me, much to my surprise and delight). It's the versatility that amazes - Bach chorales, electric jazz, world music, all of it sounds great. I am downloading all my CDs at present, which will take a while, but I am so glad that I took the plunge and got the ADM9s. If I can help persuade anyone else who is dithering, please feel free to contact me. And you were right (I think) - the sub-woofer has so far not been missed. The combination of the Mac with the ADM9 is a particularly fine one, with attention to detail the main defining factor.

I am sure you are absolutely correct in your predictions for the future of home audio - and I hope that the AVI strategy with the ADM9s will put the company in pole position as people make the inevitable change from `conventional' hi fi. Certainly, the innovation and customer service from AVI are the best I have experienced, and you really deserve to succeed. I am sure that the good name that AVI already had in audio circles will be enhanced. I am not in the least surprised at the success of the ADM9s so far - even on a financial basis, to replace my original system with conventional audio separates would have cost several times more than the ADM9-Mac Mini combination has done, and would not have sounded as good.

Good luck with the ADM9s - and with the future development of the company. And thanks again for all your help.

"I am absolutely delighted with my ADM9s!  Having collected them from John Townrow at Fiveways on Saturday (who has been brilliant to deal with again) I got home, plugged in everything and listened.  Having realised first of all that I'd read the programming instructions incorrectly for the one-for-all handset and so had swapped channel and volume, I switched to the digital input and played.  It is absolutely incredible.  The breadth and depth of the soundstage is remarkable - much wider than the speakers in my listening room.  And the detail is amazing too - I'm hearing things I haven't before.  Friends and family alike could not believe that the sound was coming from the mini-mac and "those little loudspeakers".  I hooked up the turntable through the analogue input too - it was so easy to do though I can't see vinyl surviving the cut for me much longer.   This system will transform the way I and my family listen to music. Thanks for a brilliant product."