Questions we’re often asked

Can I use the Neutron Five 2.1 Sub with any speakers?

The Neutron Five 2.1 Sub contains what is essentially an integrated amplifier with standard loudspeaker output teminals, however, we only recommend that it is used with 2-way AVI speakers. This is because we cannot guarantee the end result with anything but AVI speakers, which are well-designed with good impedance characteristics. Many other loudspeakers present terrible loads to amplifiers, which explains enormous variations in sound quality.

Aren't Class D amps more efficient? Why don't you use them? 
They can be more efficient but at the moment the best ones still have more distortion than the best Class AB linear amplifiers, in practice the average power dissipation of a linear amplifier playing music is usually quite low so the energy savings of a Class D design are minimal.

Is your gear 'green'?
Yes, very green. The ADM9s consume about the same average power as a 40W lightbulb when playing music at normal domestic listening levels and by combining all the electronics into the speaker cabinets we save a huge amount of materials. They have a long life expectancy and use industry standard parts that should be available for many years to come.
I don't know what 'active' means. Please help.
It means having one amp per drive unit, the crossover function is performed by processing the line level signal to the amplifiers using active filters. This should not be confused with the cheaper 'powered speakers' that are sometimes incorrectly described as being 'active', in these speakers there is just one amplifier and a passive crossover feeding the drive units.

Do I have to use an Apple computer with ADM9s?
No, you can use anything with an optical output. Our customers get very good results with a range of sources, including Sonos, PS3s, Squeezeboxes, set-top boxes, CD/DVD players, and many other things. However, many make a switch to Apple computers because the whole family can use them with ease, and because they are small and quiet enough for a modern living room.

Do I need a Subwoofer?
Most people cannot justify investing in a hi-fi system for replaying just music.
Watching TV, movies and playing games are, for most people, at least as important as playing music. For these forms of entertainment the Subwoofer is necessary for replaying the low frequency special effects and most ADM9 owners buy one. It also enhances the reproduction of music as well!