The AVI Legacy - the following item is no longer produced

Laboratory Series Integrated Amplifier

  • WHAT HI FI Sound and Vision 2004 Winner of Best Stereo Amplifier £1400-£3000. November 2004
  • Hi Fi Choice: Editor’s Choice and Product of the Year for 2004
  • What Hi Fi: 2 X Five Star reviews and beat all comers
  • Hi Fi News: Chris Breunig bought one!

We have called the new amplifier the Laboratory Series because it is a development (albeit a meticulous and painstaking one) of the amplifiers we use to evaluate our loudspeakers. It is particularly important that an amplifier being used for such a purpose is immune to the effects of the speaker, has negligible distortion and sufficient dynamic range to avoid clipping on the transients in music. We want to hear the music not an inadequate amplifier!

There are six inputs with the option of a phono stage (more on that later), the tape loop is buffered and it is possible to record one source while listening to another. Volume control is by a large bead blasted aluminium knob (to provide the correct feel) and the front panel has accurate graduations to ensure its precise location. When controlled by the remote handset, a dab of the button will produce changes of a 1/2 dB!

Power output into 8 ohms is a conservatively rated 200 WPC and this almost doubles into 4 and 2 ohms. Enormous current is available ensuring that the largest and most complex speakers are driven with ease and that low frequency control and dynamics are displayed to perfection. If the amp is shorted, protection is swift as it is if the load drops to a little over 1 ohm.

The most sensitive ear applied to the most sensitive loudspeaker may just be able to hear background noise. Distortion is lost in the noise generated by most test equipment!

This is one of the finest sounding amplifiers you are going to hear, regardless of your budget!

AVI is for serious music enthusiasts and for many this means they must still be able to play irreplaceable vinyl and play it to the highest standard that technology permits. We have designed a factory fittable phono stage that is switchable (via a switch in the rear panel) to either moving coil or moving magnet cartridges. For those with the finest, we can alter the input to precisely match it. There is a modest additional charge for this service.

The Laboratory Series Integrated Amplifier is much larger and heavier than its pre-decessors; it is built from large chunks of milled aluminium and thick steel sheet to ensure mechanical rigidity and absolute integrity of construction. The huge heat sinks are anodised in black as is the front panel and top cover. The controls and the graphics are in contrasting silver.

AVI has chosen very high performance bi-polar output devices. They have a 50mMHz power bandwidth! Although they are more difficult to use, it is generally agreed that they sound a little more "musical" than Mosfets. Experience has shown that the slightest imperfections of sound, once noticed, become major irritants and quickly alienate listeners. Our reputation for outstanding sound quality is very precious to us and we have taken trouble to ensure that no such defects are present in any of our products.

Our new Laboratory series Integrated amplifier will compliment the present range and form the basis of an entirely new range of High End electronics, all of which should be in the shops during next year.

"The biggest single upgrade I’ve ever made to a Hi Fi system"

"I have to say that the AVI integrated amplifier is the most exciting Hi Fi product I’ve ever had the pleasure to use"

"The is only the second product in 35 years in audio that has really impressed me, the last time it was the Spendor BC1’s"


Frequency Response (-3dB) <1.5Hz - >250Khz
Input Impedance 14k Ohms
Input sensitivity (150W into 8 Ohms, 1kHz) 530mV
Tape Output Level (at rated sensitivity) 530mV
Maximum Power Output (One channel driven):
8 Ohms, 1kHz, 1% distortion 200W
4 Ohms, 1kHz, 1% distortion 325W
2 Ohms, 1kHz, 1% distortion (note 1) 480W
Maximum Power Output (Both channels driven):
8 Ohms, 1kHz, 1% distortion 175W
4 Ohms, 1kHz, 1% distortion 300W
2 Ohms, 1kHz, 1% distortion (note 1) 420W
S+N/N Ratio Unweighted 96dB
S+N/N Ratio IEC “A” 112dB
Absolute Phase +VE
Distortion (T.H.D., 1kHz, -1dB below full power):
8 Ohms <0.002%
4 Ohms <0.002%
AC Mains supply (factory pre-set) 110v-120v, 220v-240v
AC Mains consumption 1000W max.
Dimensions (W X D x H) 315 x 350 x 95mm
Shipping dimensions (W X D X H) 400 x 440 x 170mm
Gross weight 12.8Kg

Notes: -
1. Power delivery for approximately 5 seconds before protection circuit engages.