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New models are in development, details will be published shortly.

ADM40s coming to an end, two pairs walnut remaining.

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Extremely complimentary reviews have appeared on the AVI forum as well the AVI Club on Facebook for those interested. They support our claims for these unique Speakers.

ADM40s are built to order and, for the moment, are only available directly from us, so please contact us direct to arrange payment and delivery if you’d like a pair.

Although the majority of our sales are worldwide, the occasional customer likes to hear before purchase and we’re very happy to arrange an appointment for anyone interested. We can also arrange accommodation if required, so please contact us for details.

At present prices are as follows: Walnut, Black Ash and Cherry, are £3250, Rosewood is available to special order for £3750. These are prices to UK customers only and include delivery.

Since the cartons are quite large and heavy they are expensive to ship and insure to overseas destinations where the majority will go. Therefore if you are overseas and interested, please contact us direct for us to get a quote and ask for a contribution towards the cost.


New ADM9RS will start shipping in early May when the special drivers are delivered, so if you’re going to buy, it would be as well to place your order online as soon as you can, because there will be quite a waiting list for us to work through by the end of the month.

We've improved ADM9s three times now, the last time it was subtle, so this latest upgrade had to be good and it is, it is by far the biggest to date.

There is even greater clarity, an even more precise stereo image and it's deeper. These improvements are all easily heard and most particularly with piano and voice.

There are no changes to the electronics other than to lower the crossover to suit new improved drivers, but overall the result is a revelation.

We’ve spent the last two years evaluating prototype drivers, all of which sound quite different and it has shown us just how wasted the time is messing about with DACs, preamps, streamers and power amps. If they are properly designed, differences between them are infinitesimal compared drive units.

Just as their predecessors were, so new ADM9Ts are unique in not just being active, but having a remote controlled preamp and DAC built in and most of all, because they sound better than competitors costing many times their price.

Since the new and better drivers cost more and the cost of everything else has risen in the four years since our last price rise, the new ADM9RS will now cost £1250, which is still a fraction of the old fashioned stuff they replace!

The new ADM9RS are also available with optional ScanSpeak tweeters, use the option box on the on-line shop to select this variant!


Most visitors to this site will be aware of the ADM40s because they've been discussed on the AVI Forum and the Facebook AVI club, so now it seems appropriate to give more detail and a background to their development here.


It has been obvious for a long time that there is a worthwhile demand for a slightly larger and more versatile floor standing version of the ADM9Ts, but since these would have to be more expensive, we were determined, if we produced them, that they should offer significantly better performance. However, in the event, it has been so difficult to improve on ADM9s that we've spent a couple of years working on ADM40s. The exercise has taught us a lot and finally we've produced what may well be the finest sounding speakers money can buy. They compare with the best headphones for smoothness and clarity, but have the advantage that speakers have, of a lovely deep and wide stereo image.

Without the price constraints of ADM9Ts, we've been able to design completely new floor standers that provide more inputs, a digital display, more bass and improved sound quality.

ADM9s have almost certainly redefined Hi Fi, they've made expensive traditional separates redundant and given others a blueprint for the future and yet clones are only beginning to appear now, a full five years after they first appeared. AVI is an innovator and was the first British company to stop production of CD players in June 2006. We predicted the end of hi fi separates then.


ADM40s comprise of an elegant, slim and comparatively small floor standing two ways measuring 90H x 21W x 31.5D. Small is crucial to good sound because the size of the box dictates how it radiates from it and also how it impacts on the acoustics of a room. Different boxes sound different and small is preferred because dispersion is better and cabinet reflections are less obvious.

There are four optical digital and two analogue inputs, a digital display and outputs for one or two Subs.

In the old days, passive three way speakers were regarded as the best that could be done, but we know now that even the tweeter/mid crossover is very intrusive and that the bass/mid, in our opinion unacceptably so. Therefore Active two ways are more pleasant to listen to and a different approach is necessary to get the benefits of three way without the irritating distortions.

The ADM40s have been designed as a full range two way with a -6dB point of 40Hz, or to be switchable to a full three way, crossing over to a Sub (or two if required) at 100Hz. This extends LF output to well below 30Hz and gives greater mid range clarity and more dynamic range because driver excursion is considerably reduced. A full, active, 2nd order crossover at 100Hz has been built into the ADM40s which has to be extremely accurate because phase errors can amount to a metre or more! However our ears aren't very sensitive at such a low frequency, so unlike a big old three way, we don't hear it provided its done properly. This means that the internal AVI SUB filters are not used and that ADM40s, unlike ADM9Ts are connected to the LFE input.


We've designed new electronics for the ADM40s and these give four optical digital inputs and two analogue. There is a discrete digital display that indicates volume, sub level, input selected and mute.

Drive units

The weakest link in any speaker is its drivers and because good actives sound better than passives by losing the sound of the crossover, it becomes more important to find the very best possible. We already have them in the ADM9Ts, or we thought we had, but after a considerable amount of evaluation we've found better, albeit at far greater cost. Scanspeaks normally appear in ludicrously expensive hi end speakers, which is not necessarily a good reason to choose them, but these are special, they have 50% more linear travel and the cleanest mid we've ever seen. Their tweeter is too, is the most beautifully transparent, smooth and detailed we've ever heard.


Small, very powerful, amongst the best sounding, comparing favourably with the best headphones, more bass on their own than ADM9s and better still with separate subs, ADM40s are the very embodiment of everything that matters to us and what we hope does to you as well. The signs are good, because all of the first batch have sold and quite a few from the second, so if you'd like a pair and haven't yet ordered, it is time to consider doing so because there will be a bit of a delay, but it's worth it.

There is a new article on the AVI Blog entitled Nobody Understands Bass which explains it all

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