A complete hi-fi system in a pair of small speakers!

ADM9s have been in production for over four years now and during that time source material quality has improved, movie sound tends to better music and needs more bass and dynamic range and this is provided by the new ADM9T's + AVI 10" Sub.

AVI is a purist audio company, the highest possible sound quality matters to us, which means that not only must our systems have sufficient dynamic range for movies and the best music recordings, but also neutrality, clarity and accuracy that comes from a true low distortion system. Even if you have 100 year old Edison cylinder recordings in your collection, they will still sound better and more enjoyable with ADM9T.

ADM9T's comprise a reference quality 24/192 DAC, a remote controlled three input preamplifier with two optical digital and one stereo analogue inputs - an electronic crossover and two power amplifiers (75 WPC for the tweeter and 250WPC for the bass drivers). This makes them unique in being a complete hi-fi system in a pair of stand, wall or shelf mounted speakers. All they need is zeros and ones. i.e. anything with a digital output.

Conventional active speakers are the standard in professional recording studios, they have been for decades, but they donít have a DAC or remote controlled preamp built in, so arenít ideal for domestic use.

Good active speakers not only have more dynamic range, but sound better than passive ones and integrating the preamp and DAC is a technically elegant solution that saves space and costs less.

ADM9T's will better old fashioned separates many times their price. In these days of limited resources it's pointless and unnecessarily expensive to produce products that use multiple metal enclosures to house PCBs that all easily fit into a pair of speakers and work better as a result.

The ADM9T's come with 2 x 5 metre mains lead, one by 5 metre interconnecting cable and the handset, so all you need is a suitable Optical Cable and two AAA batteries.

The ADM9Ts with an Apple MacMini.


Technical Specifications

Power amplifiers: High speed, linear, analogue bipolar, 75 wpc for the tweeters and 250 wpc for the bass drivers. System distortion typically better than 0.002%.

Crossovers: Active 4th order Linkwitz-Riley.

Preamplifier: High quality state of the art analogue preamplifier with two digital and one analogue input. Control is remote and volume settings are remembered for each separate input.

Volume control resolution: 1/2 dB steps 100dB range.

DAC: Up to 24/96 Stereo with optical S/PDIF.

Bass driver: Very high power handling, long excursion 6.5" paper cone drive unit with 1.5" voice coil and exceptionally broad bandwidth to enable a phase perfect crossover at 3.4 kHz. Bass extension better than - 6dB @ 60Hz.

Tweeter: 1" silk dome tweeter with -3 dB point of 28 kHz.

System Amplitude Response: better than + or - 2 dB 100 Hz - 20 kHz.

Low Frequency Response: 6dB at 60Hz



The back of the two speakers, and a close-up of the contacts on the left hand unit


The AVI 10" Subwoofer

In active speakers the power amps are connected directly to their drive units, so are a great deal better controlled. By comparison, passive designs are poorly controlled and boom (often confused with bass by less experienced listeners especially when using low powered amplifiers) which makes using a sub difficult. However this is not the case with ADM9T's whose specially designed subwoofer seamlessly integrates with them. 

Bass varies from room to room and with different types of music, however, movies and some TV programs often include some low frequency content for special effects which means there is an advantage in using the AVI 10" Sub with the ADM9T's when watching TV, for surround sound the AVI 10" Sub is essential.

The AVI 10" Sub is an ultra high powered model specifically designed for the ADM9T's alone. The 10" driver has a 3" diameter voice coil and a maximum excursion of 2". It's in a sealed box and driven by a linear, analogue bipolar amplifier that can produce up to 30 Amps and 200 Watts. The filter can be set to 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 or 100 Hz and gain adjusted to suit room acoustics. In practice it extends low frequency excursion to below 30Hz, increases the dynamic and plants the ADM9T firmly in big speaker territory.

It is important to understand that ADM9T's and the AVI 10" Sub sub have been designed as a system and best results will be achieved if they are used together. The ADM9T's plus AVI 10" Sub are, in effect, a three way floor stander with the option of infinitely adjustable bass.

The ADM9T Handset

Our new dedicated handset that controls ADM9T's and the Neutron Five 2.1 system